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Official AUBO Robotics dealer for Germany, Austria and Scandinavia

Aubo Robotics - Made for Human Centric Agile Manufacturing

AUBO robots - Collaborative robots in the AUBO-iX series are six-axis jointed-arm robots with payloads of 3, 5, 10 and 16 kg for areas from 625 to 1350 mm - developed and manufactured for human-centred mobile production (HRI). AUBO robots are also known as cobots, which, depending on the risk assessment, can work closely together in a human workspace without safety equipment. AUBO Cobots are user-friendly, flexible, cost-effective and very easy to move and can be put back into operation at the new location with a few simple steps. A normal 110-230 VAC socket is sufficient for the power supply.

No programming knowledge is required to set up the robot by hand and use it in various applications. AUBO robots require a small footprint and can therefore be used flexibly even in confined spaces. This saves production space and reduces costs.


AUBO Roboter Program:



Fast amortization of your investment

Low operating costs, very easy programmability and the simple integration into an existing system lead to a very fast amortization of your investment.

Especially tasks with small batch sizes and high variance, such as laboratory automation or machine loading are excellent examples that require a quick changeover.

The required production area causes high costs for most companies. Small space requirements and the low weight of the robots are therefore the big advantages for the production costs of companies of any size.

Convert the robot easily or adapt it for a new purpose!

Or think about your applications completely new - with one and the same robot. Change the number of degrees of freedom. The joints and tubes are modular, so the robot is also easy to repair and reconfigure.

The advantages at a glance:

  • consistent, high product quality
  • Expansion of capacity
  • Cost reduction
  • 24/7 production
Schnelle Amortisation Ihrer Investition

The perfect robot - according to your requirements

The modular design allows a perfect adaptation to the requirements of your application. We find the optimal solution for almost every task.

  • The robot can be configured very flexibly, with between four and seven degrees of freedom to meet user requirements
  • The joint lengths can be individually adjusted to longer or shorter links
  • Visual systems can be easily integrated into the controller
  • The software is based on cloud platform management, which enables remote maintenance, fault diagnosis and online firmware upgrades
Der perfekte Roboter – nach Ihren Anforderungen